Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why I Started This Blog: The Disease that is Islam

The year 610 AD marked the birth of a deadly virus that has in recent times infected large numbers of people in Asia, nearly all of the Middle East and now threatens to overwhelm Western Europe in the near future. This virus, dear Reader, is not a virus that ravages the body but one that affects the mind of the infected. This virus, this disease, this barbarism that masquerades as religion, is Islam.

What rational human being would follow word for word a 1400 year old book written by a deluded, bloodthirsty and blatantly misogynist “prophet” and apply those ideas now in the 21st century? What God would sanction the killing of millions of men, women and children in His name? Moreover, what sane Western government would allow a mass migration of these lunatics on their soil and allow them to establish places of “worship” there? But enough with the rhetoric for now and let me explain the motivation behind this blog.

It pains me to see the mass migration of Muslims from the Middle East to Europe. These people have no roots there and a majority of them refuse to integrate into western society. The consequences of this migration in Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and France are appalling. Britain, I am sorry to say, has fallen. Yet, I believe that Europe, and maybe even the rest of the world, can be saved from Islamization by the will of all of us freedom-loving, free-thinking people. That is why my blog is titled Global Reconquista. This time, however, it will be counter-jihad on a global scale. I intend to use this blog as a platform to expose Islam for what it truly is and hopefully provide certain constructive suggestions that may be implemented to prevent the spread of this deadly disease.

May rationalism and freedom triumph over dogma and submission!